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Vintage Tea Cup Fairy Garden

This activity would make a lovely birthday party craft or a party take home gift. Also just a beautiful activity for all those who love Fairy Gardens!

You will need:-

Vintage tea cups and saucers from your local op shop or you may have some at home already.

Small succulent plants

Tiny Toadstools

Gem or wishing stones

Coloured paper for the bunting


Glue Stick

Two mini BBQ skewers

Tiny Fairy bottle.

Tiny log round

Dried Flowers


Tiny pebbles /soil

You can improvise with what you use in your fairy garden with what you may have around your home.You could use a marble instead of a gem or wishing stone for example.

I already had a tiny succulent sitting in a tea cup- just waiting for me to zhuzh it up!

My plant was in a small pot sitting in the teacup already.You could do this to keep things easy and clean. If you want to plant yours in the cup I would suggest to half fill your cup with tiny pebbles -the kind you would put in the bottom of a fish tank then top up with fine soil/potting mix. Do not over water, succulents dont like too much water

With any project its a good idea to gather all your materials together before you start.

For the bunting, choose the colours of paper that you want, lay them together. Fold over and cut a triangle. You will then get flags that are all the same size and shape. Attach to the BBQ skewers using twine. I found half size BBQ skewers which were perfect these about half the size of you big traditional BBQ skewer.

Just glue one half of a triangle and fold over the twine to secure.

Arrange you little Fairy items gently around your succulent.

I have previously made a much larger one in a huge oversized cup and saucer with an Alice in Wonderland theme. This was made as a table centre. If this was a party activity you could make a larger one prior to the party with your child and then at the party have it the middle of the making table to inspire your guests.

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