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Home Made Paint- Brushes & Puffy Paint!

I am fortunate to be surrounded by lots of paint of all kinds! Face Paint, Acrylic Paint, Watercolours, Super Tempera , Resene Test Pots and more! But I thought it looked fun to try and make my own paint to see how it worked out.

I tried a regular poster paint type and a puffy paint recipe.

The result of the first was a textured ,grainy substance but it was fun experiment -and the puffy paint was a bit like painting with cake icing :)-

- here is what I did and the results.

You will need :-

A mixing bowl

Measuring cup





Food Colouring

Disposable Bamboo spoons

Squeeze bottles.

Some smaller bowls to mix different colours


Mix even parts of water, salt & flour.

I used 2 cups of each.

Once fully combined I poured into smaller bowls , stirred then used a funnel to put into squeeze bottles.

You could try putting mixture into the bottles , adding the food colouring and shaking but i wanted to mix first.

I would recommend a smaller squeeze bottle if you can find them, about half this size.Perhaps wash out some salad dressing /sauce bottles and use those.

The obvious thing for me to try first was a Rainbow! it needed a couple of layers.

It did work really well to blend as you can see. I recommend a flat wide brush and to use a thin card rather than paper to paint on.

I actually thought this blended sunset background lends itself very well to a silhouette on top. I drew with pencil first.

I used a Sharpie marker but you could use a black acrylic paint for your silhouette.

A fun science /art experiment!

The making part is fun and the using , the texture stays gritty when dry like sandpaper. This dried painted paper could also be saved for collage * I recommend using a thin card to pain on as the paint is quite thick and might be too heaving for a regular 80gsm paper.

Home Made Brushes

I thought it might be fun to make some home made 'brushes'

It is fun for children to use different items to apply paint with and explore the various outcomes.

Here are some i made using various things from around the garden and home.

Have a go and see what you can find to make brushes and what pattens they make


This was another science meets art experiment and more like 'painting' with cake frosting!

Nevertheless lots of fun making, feeling, creating and watching the outcome.

You will need:-

3/4 cup of shaving foam

1/4 cup white PVA glue

1/4 cup of flour

Food colouring

ziplock bags

small bowls for mixing and spoons for mixing

Mix the glue and shaving foam in the bowl- then add a few drops of colour.

Spoon the mixing into the ziplock bag, release the air and seal the bag, it is fun to 'gently squeeze like a sensory bag -your room will also small quite nice thanks to the shaving foam!

Repeat with each colour that you want to do.

By using the ziplock bags you are creating little piping bags to apply the paint.

If you wanted to invest in some more robust piping bags or small icing bottles with nozzles this would give greater control for applying the paint and different outcomes depending on the size of the nozzles.

It can be quite tricky to handle a piping bag! to keep the pressure of the squeeze and direct the nozzle!

Leave for 24 hours and it will be hard to the touch and remain raised and 3D

Have fun!

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