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Our responsibilities to keep everyone safe;


At Rainbow Rascals we want to keep everyone safe. As a result of Covid-19, we are making a few changes to the way we operate for the foreseeable future.


Face painting is an up-close and personal activity that does not permit for social distancing. However, we can still do our utmost to ensure due diligence is being effectively managed.


On arrival at the venue our staff will wash and dry hands thoroughly and then sanitise between customers.


We will only undertake business with those that are well, showing no symptoms of Covid-19. If clients have any symptoms of illness; including the common cold, runny nose, sore throat, cough or fever – we will be unable to paint you. If you have been unwell with any of the above, you need to be symptom free for 48 hours before we can paint you. If you become ill after making the booking, we will however be happy to reschedule your booking.


The same applies for our staff. We have a responsibility to ensure we are protecting each other and clients from transmissible illnesses. All our staff who conduct business; perform, paint or entertain, will be healthy and symptom free.


We will be making sure our equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, before and after any face painting activity.


Our sponges will only be used once per person, ensuring they are thoroughly washed and dried before being reused. The same will apply for our brushes, and separate brushes will be used where possible. Clean water will be used for each person.


We kindly request that each child’s face and hands are cleaned before we undertake any face painting. Please ensure long hair is also tied back.


We will be wiping down any surfaces that may have been touched between each person, and our staff may also wear a mask should they wish to do so.


Finally, we would like to create a safe distancing space for our staff to work. We kindly ask that only the person being painted is within this space. Those not being painted or waiting to be painted will need to wait outside of this space.


We are working in accordance with the Ministry of Heath guidelines

Your assistance and understanding with these measures will be appreciate


Kind Regards

Jane Ellis

Director - Rainbow Rascals Entertainment

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