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Nature Potions!

This is a really fun sensory activity for little ones. Mixing & Making Potions.

Pretend Play with nature.

You will need

some small glass jars

Some water and food colouring




perhaps some Bio Glitter

First gather your ingredients or hunt for them in the garden place in small dishes and bowls so they are ready to add to your potion -rather like when you are baking, get everything ready and to hand.

We also had some buttons and gems as well as grass, daisies, mini rosebuds and lavender.

Its fun to watch and talk about what floats and sinks

Add water to the jar and then a drop of colouring- we used dowelling sticks to stir.

Its lots of fun deciding on colours, watching as the dye mixes with the water and then watching as the Bio Glitter swirls and falls through the water. Then mixing in the flowers and petals and watching them swirl around like a snow-globe. Also to take about what the potions might do and tales of Dragons and Fairies.

Its important not to drink them!

Everything you add can be safely poured away -just be sure to catch those buttons and gems!

Fun imaginary play with nature

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