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Silhouette Collage Portrait

This is another fun and easy project. Each person can use images unique to them to create a really personal , bright and colourful piece of art.

You will need:-

Plain white & black thin card


Glue Stick

Patterned paper, scrap book cutouts, old greetings cards etc & old magazines *

Optional - printer (if you are going to to use your actual silhouette)

* Personally I love and treasure magazines :) not the weekly ones but the lovely monthly ones such as Life & Leisure and Your Home & Garden and I keep them and refer back to them for inspiration. I would never chop these up willy nilly. Some magazines though actually have pages that are perforated and designed to be pulled out to use for scrapbooking and other art projects.Publications like Frankie, Breathe, Audrey etc. I would recommend getting a shoe box and starting to collect pieces of paper like this that will be good for collage.

To start with either find an image online of a silhouette that you like, or draw one or take a photo and print out in black and white. You can do any size but i think around A4 is a good size to start with.

Glue this paper silhouette onto some white card to give it more strength

Then gather all of your fun papers around you and see what you have, I looked for images that I liked such as flowers, paint, rainbows etc that reflected me -You can also cut out and use text in interesting fonts.

Use larger pieces of paper first to almost cover the silhouette then start to place the smaller more interesting items.

This is an example of a page from a magazine designed to be used in this way.

I suggest that you allow your papers to flow over the sides like this so when you do trim from the back you will get and interesting edge.

Once you have finished and carefully cut out the silhouette. Glue onto a black backing sheet of card, you could of course use white, I just liked the contrast of the black.

Have fun creating!

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