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Pom Pom Letter Wall Art

This bright , fun and textural piece of wall art is fun, fast and easy!

You will need:-

A cardboard box

A craft Knife

A Glue gun and spare glue sticks

Lots of Pom Poms!

A pencil and ruler.

You could create a whole name or in this case I chose just the initial of the person.

Use a pencil and ruler to draw your letter on a piece of flat corrugated cardboard box.

You can search up founts you like and print off or copy. I would suggest a simple block style font and keep it quite chunky.

Use a craft knife to cut out your letter. I suggest an adult does this part.

I made mine 23cm high by 8cm width for the 'legs of the 'N' - you can make it much smaller or make a huge one! You may need quite a pile of Pom Poms! but they are not expensive and easily available form your local Craft store or Bargain Store.

My tip for doing this is to use a ruler and score over the pencil line first and then go back and score again and then a third time rather than trying to do in one go.

Letters with curves can be a little more tricky than those with straight edges but bear in mind that the Pom Poms will potentially cover and slightly wobbly edges !

Also it is important to place another sheet or cardboard or cutting mat under where you are cutting so you dont mark your table or surface.

Gather your Pom Poms

Warm up your hot glue gun or cool glue gun. Again I highly recommend adult supervision as Hot Glue is really hot! You could also use PVA but you will need to allow your project to sit longer to dry.

Start by applying the glue in a section at a time and place the Pom Poms on however you wish. I went for a super Rainbow look with mine but you could limit your colour palette to perhaps just blues or pinks and purples etc or even all white or all black.

I like the mix of large and small together but again you could stick to all one size if you wish.

This is a really fun project and fast to complete. You can hang with Blue Tac or a string taped on the back.

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