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Pom Pom Garland

These cute little fluffy Pom Poms are easy and quick to make and can be quite addictive once you get going.

You will need some wool in a variety of different colours.



Cut a piece of cardboard box that is approx. 16cm x 7cm .

Then cut a slot approx.7cm x 2 cm as shown in the photo below.

Cut a length of wool approx. 20cm and position

as shown.

Wrap the wool around and around approx. 100 times. Keep your original thread out of the way

Bring the two threads over the wool, one from the back and one from the front and tie securely. You may need an extra pair of hands to do this . Tie as tight as you can and maybe a couple of knots

Take a sharp pair of scissors and wiggle into the loops, pulling up slightly as you cut and making sure not to miss any loops.

Cut all the way through one side of the loops and then turn over and cut the other side. Once finished check for any loops you may have missed and trim a little if required to shape your Pom Pom.

* Make sure to leave the two longer original threads as you will need these to tie onto your garland or wherever you plan to attach or hand your Pom Pom.

Your finished Pom Pom!

The more times around the card you wind the wool the thicker and more dense your Pom Pom will be. You can also of course adjust the size of your Pom Pom by making the cardboard frame larger or smaller as you wish.

To make a garland to decorate your room with. Make lots of Pom Poms any colour combination you wish. You can one colour or alternate colours of make Rainbows!

Lay them down in the sequence you wish them to be and then using a length of wool , the length you wish your garland to be . I made mine 2m long. Attach your Pom Poms using the two original longer threads.

Use to decorate some shelves or above your bed. These brightly coloured Pom Poms will be sure to make you smile and add a fun element to your room.

You could also have your Pom Poms closer together and hang them vertically.

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