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No Sew T Shirt Tote Bag

A really fun, quick, easy and useful activity. Make a bag that can be useful for sports, dance, shopping, the beach and more using an old t shirt. I actually used a t-shirt that i had Tie Dyed.

You will need the following -

An old t shirt , a basic crew neck works best.


a ruler or straight edge.

  1. Start by laying your t shirt out on a table face up.

2. Using Sharp fabric scissors, cut off the sleeves just inside the seam.

Cut off the bottom seam and cut a scoop out where the neck is. See image for reference.

3.Cut vertical strips up from the bottom edge , approximately 6cm long and approx. 1 cm width.Use a ruler to cut up to.

4. Gently pull each strip so that it stretches and becomes a bit tubular.This just adds a nice effect to the fringe.

5. Tie the top and corresponding bottom strip together.All the way along the bottom.

6. When you have gone all the way along tying top to bottom go along again and tie the one from the top left with the one from the bottom of the next pair, this will be to close up the hole between each pair, See photo.

7. Once you have done this your bag is ready to use!. If you dont want to tassels you can turn your t shirt inside out to start with and follow the instructions in the same way but after creating your tassels turn your bag inside out and the fringe will be on the inside and you can trim a bit if you wish.I do not recommend using for your heavy library books! but this bag is great for ballet gear, shopping and the beach etc.

Have fun making and if you do make one please share an image with us , we would love to see and share.

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