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Corner Bookmarks

Learn how to make these fun corner bookmarks.Once you have got the basic pattern mastered there are endless designs and possibilities ! Limitless designs options!

Step 1. You need a square piece of paper -just a light 80gsm weight like photocopy paper.

Step 2. To make a square. Fold as shown in the image below. Then cut off the excess.

Step 3. Have the triangle with the longest edge at the bottom and fold the right hand corner up to the point. Make sure you crease firmly .

Step 4. Then repeat with the left.

Step 5. Slightly open out the folds you have just made and take the top tip of the inside triangle and fold that inside layer down into the bottom as shown in the image below.

Step 6. Fold the right hand triangle neatly inside the flap you have create. Keep creasing all the time to make edges crisp.

Step 7. Then do the same with the left side.

Step 8 . I decided to make this one into a monster so created some teeth.

Step 9 . Cut the teeth out and glue into the underside flap as show below.

Step. 10

I added some googly eyes for fun. If you dont have these you can use stickers or cut small white circles and draw in the black. TIP. Draw around your glue stick lids for a neat circle.

Here is your finished bookmark! I will pop some more samples below. Have a go and create your own! They are great to make for friends, grandparents, teachers, mum & dad and yourself!

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