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Belly Painting - a living Canvas.

Body painting has existed in most if not all tribal cultures for centuries, using clays & natural pigments, designs often forming the part of ceremonies or rituals.The roots of belly painting can be traced back to the tradition of applying a natural plant dye called Henna to the skin in intricately patterned designs. These Henna designs were believed to bless and protect the mother and baby during their journey through pregnancy and delivery.

Todays Belly Painting is a wonderful and uniquely personal way to celebrate this special time. Design options are many and varied and are generally customised to each person after a discussion with your artist. I have been belly painting now for over 10 years and feel that it is such a special, personal and creative way to celebrate and express yourself at this time- it is always such great experience to talk with mums to be and create a unique design for them.

The session itself is a fun and soothing experience, a bit of a pamper session! time to focus, reflect and celebrate your body and pregnancy. The painting can be done at your home in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere or perhaps as part of a baby shower or gender reveal event. It could even be a fun event for your ante natal group!.

Great care and attention at all times is give to your comfort and overall experience. The products used are high quality professional make up designed for body painting and are delicate enough for our young face paint clients. The pigments are vibrant and bold to go on easily but at the same time wash off easily with a quick shower.

For many years I have had the fun and pleasure of belly painting live at The Auckland Baby Show - a wonderful opportunity to showcase this art form.

If you already have children it can be a great 'Belly Bonding' experience, perhaps your little one is curious or perhaps a little unsure about the new family member so by including them in this session it can involve and connect them, perhaps a favourite story book character or toy could be depicted or elements of the main designs can be painted on their face.

Your partner may also like to be involved in the design making it a real one off family portrait!

This period of time is fleeting but hugely significant and I feel that turning your pregnant belly into a personal work of art is a fabulous way to celebrate it. Feel free to contact me if you would like to ask any questions or book an appointment.

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